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You are what you eat, so eat living food.

Green Beans


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Please, please try eating these beans raw.  You will immediately see why these green beans are so good.  With these little beauties, you can enjoy them for snacking and maybe with a dip or in salads.  Of course, even when cooked the remarkable flavor of these beans comes heralding through.

Expected this July or August 2023

Nutritional Benefits

According to Dr. Axe

Remember when your mom told you to finish all your vegetables? If she liked to make you green beans (and you listened to her), you’re going to be pretty happy about all the good green beans nutrition does for your health. From helping prevent many types of disease to supporting the health of your digestive system, green beans nutrition is a dynamic fighter to add to your healing diet because green beans are some of the best high-antioxidant foods on the planet.

Unlike many green veggies, you can even freeze green beans and maintain their nutritional value. Plus, they’re extremely common and can be found at your local farmers market or grocery store year-round, although they’re considered “in season” and least expensive from summer to early fall.

So, don’t forget to call your mom and say “thanks” — especially once you’ve read the incredible power that green beans nutrition provides.

In addition to the incredible nutrient content that you may recognize from a typical nutrition Facts list, green beans nutrition also contains high levels of several proteins, carotenoids and other antioxidants that make it a veritable mine of nutrition. (1)

Many experts agree that one of the factors that makes green beans so good for your health is the level of starch and fiber. Instead of being totally processed right away by your digestive system, some nutrients in green beans are absorbed and continue to have great impact on your health, long after the rest of the bean has been digested and expelled.

  1. Helps Fights and Prevent Cancer
  2. Slows the Spread of HIV in the Body
  3. Decreases Risk for and Helps Manage Diabetes
  4. Helps Maintain Healthy Eating Habits
  5. Protects Your Heart from Disease
  6. May Improve Fertility and Protect Newborns
  7. Supports a Healthy Digestive System
  8. Keeps Bones Strong
  • Recipes coming soon...
Proper Storage

Store your green beans in the refrigerator placed in a plastic bag with much of the air pushed out.

Helpful Info

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