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You are what you eat, so eat living food.

Our Unique Process

The information on this page is really important for you to understand what you are getting with us and how to get the most out of the food you purchase. This page contains essential information about the following:

  • How Your Food is Grown
  • Regarding Bugs
  • Defending Against Pests
  • Harvesting Differently
  • Splits, Bites & Scars
  • Pick Up Locations
  • Insulated Bags & Cold Packs
  • Your Role
  • Donated Food



We obsess over the quality of the food we grow for you because our own family's health is our highest concern and they are eating the same food.  We grow aquaponically because it allows the plants to take in the maximum amount of nutrients in an outdoor organic environment, thus the most nutrient dense best tasting food.  The plants growing your food start from high quality non-GMO seeds.  The plants are grown outdoors in natural sunlight, in natural Florida well water, feeding on organic nutrients provided by the natural fish.



Of the many Organic Certified pesticides we could use to prevent bugs, almost all of them kill our bacteria, therefore, we can't really cheat and spray toxic chemicals.  As further proof that we don't spray toxic chemicals on your food, you will at times see where the bugs may have eaten a bit of your food, and you may even find a bug in your food, though fairly rare. That's OK!  We have saved most of it for you and that is actually a sign of clean food. You have a choice, the occasional bug/bug munching spot or food sprayed with toxic chemicals that often can't be washed off.  Honestly, your food should be healing you, not killing you. And our bugs are proof that the later isn't happening.



We use a five prong approach to defending your food against pests.

  1. Strong Defenses - Pest like weak plants, so we grow our plants as strong as possible.
  2. Regular Patrols - We visually inspect for pests daily and manually remove them.
  3. Our Troops - We use an Integrated Pest Management System where we bring in beneficial insects that eat the pests and not the plants.
  4. Air Strike - On occasion, there are only a few things we can ever spray, like garlic, insect soap made from kelp, diatomaceous earth, and natural bacteria - all safe for food.



It's your choice: the most natural, healthy, and flavorful due to being picked ripe or longer storage due to being picked early and sprayed.

We hope you'd be happy to choose the former because that's what we offer. We aim to pick your food at optimum ripeness, unlike commercial growers who pick produce green and gas them to turn them the right color. We may pick your tomatoes a tad early so that they don't split from the abundance of water available however, our goal is to pick everything ripe and ready to eat. This has a shorter shelf life, but the flavor and nutrition provided by ripening before harvest outweighs this for us. 



Your food is grown outside with an abundance of water, nutrients, sun, wind, and yes, bugs, therefore it may have some splits, scars, and bug bits.  But, fear not, this actually works to your benefit.  Just like our bodies, plants send antioxidants and healing cells to heal the plant, so the veggies that have scars may have even more healing power.



If you place your order on Sunday your produce has most likely not been picked! Orders placed before Wednesday at 5 am are available for pickup on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, based on your location.  We do it this way so you get the best experience without your food hanging out, wasting away in our coolers.

Learn More about our Pickup Locations



To help your fresh farm food stay fresh on the way home, we have insulated bags with cold packs available for you to purchase if you don't have one.  We highly recommend transporting your farm food in an insulated bag to help you have the best experience and enjoyment from your food.



Farming isn't easy, especially with all of todays, environmental and economic challenges.  We are committed to obsessing over the quality of your food and your experience with it.  Please help us by sharing your positive experiences with others who may also appreciate quality food.  This helps us stay strong and building more farms to support more of your neighbors.

If for any reason you have a concern, or didn't have a great experience with our food or staff, please, please, please let us know and give us the chance to make it right or to clear up any misunderstandings to help us improve our services.
We really do care and are serious about always doing better.



Backyard Farm Fresh donates at least 10% of everything grown on each farm to local food banks to help feed our neighbors who are in need.  You purchasing your food from us helps make this happen.  You play a part in seeing tons of the highest quality food money can buy blessing those who are in need. This is a really good thing.



You are the reason we do all of this.  We have given up lucrative carriers, work ridiculous hours, invested everything, and make some serious sacrifices all in the name of serving our neighbors in this fashion.  You might say it's become our passion.  At Backyard Farm Fresh, serving you means a lot to us and we hope you enjoy this farm fresh food and the benefits it brings.  You help make all this happen. Thank you.