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You are what you eat, so eat living food.

Purplette Onions


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These purple red skinned minis are flavorful specialty onions with a glossy rich burgundy color, transforming to a nice pastel pink when cooked or pickled

Nutritional Benefits

According to Dr. Axe

Records show that various types of onions have been used worldwide as a valuable medicinal and food source for thousands of years. Many ancient populations believed that onion nutrition had a beneficial effect on disease treatment and immunity, which is why this vegetable has long been encouraged as part of a healing diet.

Why is eating onions good for you?

Studies suggest that that onion health benefits, such as enhanced immunity and cancer protection, are due to onion’s many antioxidants. These include flavonoids like quercetin and anthocyanins, the same type of protective compounds founds in berries, cherries and eggplant — plus organosulfides and nutrients like vitamin C.

  1. May Help Fight Cancer
  2. Protects Heart Health
  3. Helps Maintain Strong Bones
  4. Can Help Prevent or Manage Diabetes
  5. Lowers Risk of Arthritis and Asthma
  6. Defends Against Respiratory Infections
  7. May Help Improve Fertility
  8. May Help Improve Your Sleep
  • Recipes coming soon...
Proper Storage

Loosely wrap these with a slightly damp paper towel and place in a sealed plastic bag and place in your refrigerator.

Onions are best stored in a cool dark place or ventilated basket.

Helpful Info

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