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We try and we try, but we can't seem to grow small zucchini.  However, these crazy awesome zucchini with help to change how you thing of zucchini. you'll experience a huge zucchini with great flavor and truly remarkable meatiness.  These are great for cutting into stakes for Zucchini Parmesan, for slicing into Lasagna noodles and quartering before spiraling into spaghetti.  Slice them in salads or cube them and fry with other veggies.  There is no end to the fun new experiences you can have with these gentle giants.  Plus, by covering the cut end with cling wrap, they will last for quite some time in your refrigerator.

Nutritional Benefits

According to Dr Axe...

  1. High Source of Antioxidants and Vitamin C
  2. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties that Can Improve Heart Health
  3. High Source of Potassium
  4. Helps Improve Digestion
  5. Low in Calories and Carbs
  6. Helps Maintain Eye Health
  7. Good Source of Energizing B Vitamins
  8. Can Help Control Diabetes 
  9. Might Help Balance Thyroid and Adrenal Function

Zucchini is a favorite among low-carb dieters and anyone who wants to lose weight fast, this vegetable has a very low score on the glycemic index. Other things to love about zucchini nutrition include the fact that it has a high water percentage; is low in calories, carbs and sugars; and is high in essential nutrients like potassium, manganese, and antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin A. Zucchini squash, both yellow and green, have even been found to have therapeutic compounds, including lutein, β-carotene, zeaxanthin and dehydroascorbic acid.

To add more filling volume to your meals with little extra calories, you can use zucchini in a variety of different recipes. Plus, you get a healthy dose of zucchini nutrition added to your dish of choice.

Proper Storage

Store your zucchini whole in your refrigerator, ideally in the crisper drawer.  If your zucchini is too large to fit in the crisper drawer you can cut it into two or more pieces and cover each cut end with cling wrap.  This will greatly prolong your storage time.  You can expect that your zucchini should last for a week or more in your refrigerator.  We have even seen them stay wonderful at times three weeks later.

Helpful Info

As with most things, fresh is best, however, with zucchini you can freeze it.  It's best to think of how you plan to use it later and slice, dice, chop, shred or spiralize your zucchini before freezing it.